Saturn, Rumänien
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The SATURN PROJECT is located only 100 meters from one of the best and longest sandy beaches in Romania

Beaches in the Roman Black Sea Post – between Saturn and Venus. In the northwest is the lake with many species of birds and healthy mud, which is a natural prerequisite for this

Development of SPA tourism. The plot of land of the SATURN PROJECT is 6,200 square meters and three buildings with a maximum height of ten floors with a total area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters can be built.
The perfect symbiosis between town and resort ensures the sale of the apartments to be built. Many young couples would prefer to buy a house with perfect sea views that is in a quiet and cozy area with a perfect location and built infrastructure.

Direct access to the main road and quick access to the highway to Bucharest.
Existence of a very well developed infrastructure – gas pipeline, electricity, water supply.
The land is just 100 meters from a Kaufland hypermarket.
Immediate proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches in Romania.
IncredibleAn incredible view from the northwest of the lake with different species of birds
Green area, extremely quiet, surrounded by many naturally growing trees and at the same time
A few minutes’ walk from the hectic city environment.

Price: 1 700 000 EUR

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